About us

Welcome to Senior Insurance Consultants! We are dedicated to helping clients navigate the often confusing world of healthcare and insurance options. Our mission is to provide personalized and compassionate service to every client, ensuring that they feel supported and empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

We understand that choosing the right insurance plan can be overwhelming, and we believe that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare that fits their unique needs and budget. That's why we offer a warm and friendly environment where our clients can feel comfortable asking questions and exploring their options.

Our team of experienced, licensed insurance representatives is here to guide you through every step of the process, from understanding your benefits to choosing the right plan for your needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing transparent and honest advice. You can trust that you are getting the best possible care.

At our Senior Insurance Consultants, we believe that building strong relationships with our clients is the key to success. We take the time to get to know you and your healthcare needs, so we can provide tailored recommendations and solutions that meet your unique situation.

Thank you for considering our services. We look forward to helping you navigate the world of Medicare insurance with warmth, compassion, and expertise.

Our Team


Traci O’Brien

Traci O’Brien is a Licensed Insurance Agent specializing in Medicare solutions. She owns Senior Insurance Consultants with her husband Christopher Wojtusik and has a downline of 40 agents. With almost 20 years in the health insurance industry, Traci found her passion for seniors in 2010 when the first Baby Boomer turned 65. She is a huge proponent of educating her clientele so they can make the best choices for themselves and then facilitate the enrollment process.

Traci helps all Medicare eligibles, however she found her niche market with the “dual eligible” population; people who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid. It’s this demographic that led her to begin her non-profit called Senior Promises, which grants wishes to underprivileged senior citizens here in CT.

As a lifelong learner, Traci received her BS in Health Care Administration (with honors) in 2021 and completed the AHIP Medicaid Primer in 2022. She will get her Certified Senior Advisor certification in 2023.

Traci lives in Orange with her husband Chris, daughter Isabella, son Augustus and two huge dogs, Romeo & Butch and a beautiful kitten named Kitcha! Her hobbies include travel, shopping, the beach, and vineyard hopping.

Christopher Wojtusik has been a licensed insurance agent since 2008. Chris earned the designation of Certified Insurance Counselor® and maintains the series 6, 63, 65 & 7 securities licenses. Even though he walked away from financial services to focus on Medicare, he still strongly believes in providing a full spectrum of retirement services. Chris partners with financial advisors to make this wholistic portfolio available to all clients of Senior Insurance Consultants.

Since forming Senior Insurance Consultants in 2017 with his wife Traci, he has taken on the lead role in the daily functioning of the agency. Chris has gladly accepted this new challenge of testing and implementing new technologies and systems to improve efficiency and increase the productivity of the agency.

Christopher was a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard and a graduate of Valley Forge Military College and Central Connecticut State University. He earned a degree in Psychology.

Chris resides in Orange, Connecticut with his wife Traci, daughter Isabella, son Augustus, two huge dogs, Romeo & Butch and a beautiful kitten named Kitcha! His hobbies include traveling, the beach, and making his wife happy.


Chris Wojtusik


Kareen Collazo

Kareen Collazo is a local licensed insurance broker in CT and NY. She works with an array of health insurance products and specializes in Medicare and Dual Special Needs plans. Medicare is complicated and can be overwhelming if you do not have the right person to guide you through the many options. Kareen has made it her mission to help educate and guide clients and their families through the process. It is important to her that you understand your options and are confident in the choices you make.

Educating and staying in contact with the community takes priority. In an ever changing environment, Kareen surrounds herself with the best of the best in our field. She has a network of support that can get even the most complicated situation taken care of. With the help of Owners Traci and Chris, there is no case too difficult to find the appropriate solution and maximize the benefits we can offer to our clients.

Kareen is a mom of 3, Tyler, Natalia and Jaxon. She has a wonderful, supportive husband Ramon and 2 crazy dogs, Sundae and Bow that complete her family.